Lyman A. Budlong Elementary School

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Budlong’s Philosophy:
Volunteers are members of our team. As team members, we believe volunteers will be treated with respect, dignity, and humility. They contribute their unique talents, skills and knowledge of the community to provide personalized attention to reach our school missions and goals. Volunteers should come with an open mind, positive attitude, and the willingness to follow-through on commitments they make to Budlong School.

School Volunteer 2015-2016 Form

Class Volunteer Form

!!! Parent Volunteers are Needed !!!

Dear Parents,

Are you looking for ways to become more involved in your child’s education? Sign up to become a parent volunteer!

Please check ways that you are interested in helping our school!

_____ Working with students one-on-one (flashcards, reading books, etc.)

_____ Cutting out materials for classroom use

_____ Helping monitor students during centers

_____ Help with special projects or parties

_____ Volunteering in the library (shelving books, etc.)

_____ Helping sport coaches (basketball, football etc.)

_____ Field Trip volunteer

_____ Activities outside of school (haunted house etc.)

_____ Parking Lot assistance

_____ other ideas ____________________________________________________________

Parent Name: ________________

Student Name: _______________ Student Room # _________________

Home Phone: ________________ E-mail Address: _______________________

Days available to volunteer: ____________________________________

Times available to volunteer: ___________________________________

Thank you for your time and support!

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