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Dear Budlong Families,

Attached you will find letters from Dr. Janice Jackson and Mr. Forrest Claypool confirming Chicago's status as a sanctuary city along with Protection and Safeguard information, in various translations .  In short, nothing will change for CPS students with regard to enrollment and opportunity in light of the recent national political activity around immigration.

I want to further assure our families that Budlong will continue to be a place dedicated to learning, and one that is safe for all our students, regardless of country of origin.  Budlong boasts a long standing tradition of welcoming students from around the world, and this will not end.  Our community specifically has been built on a variety of rich cultures, and it thrives today as result.  


I understand the realities facing many of our students and families who have come to the US.  Many of our faculty and staff also have stories similar to that of our students, and have international roots in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.  So, during this time when immigration is making the headlines, we all recognize how important it is that we help students embrace their heritages, and create opportunities to learn about one another.  

Please encourage your student to talk with his/her teacher, our counselor, me, and any trusted adult at school if they need support.  We are a family.  I am proud of our global representation here at Budlong, and we will continue to help our students to appreciate all cultures.  This is part of our commitment to a 21st century educational experience.

Go Bulldogs!

Naomi Nakayama



CEO Sanctuary City Letter


CEO Protection & Safeguard Information

CPS 20% for 20%

Public Education, the Great Equalizer for Children Everywhere—But Not in Chicago

Chicagoans contribute 20 percent of the state income tax, and CPS students make up 20 percent of the state’s enrollment—but CPS students only receive 15 percent of the state’s funding.

The missing 5% is almost $500 million this year alone enough to save teachers and class sizes. For every $1 students across Illinois get, CPS students only get $0.74.

Parents and community Signing the Petition - Join the Fight for Chicago Children's Civil Rights

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Northside College Prep is a member of the Aspen Challenge. The Aspen Challenge is a youth-led program to provide solutions for problems in our community. The group, FLAIR (Financial Literacy Action for Immigrants and Refugees), has decided to tackle the Financial Literacy Challenge to inform our diverse community about how they can take charge of their financial goals. Their goal is to help immigrants and refugees in our community better understand the financial system and utilize it to their benefit in a way that is unique, engaging, and culturally sensitive. In order to do this Northside College Prep is planning a Financial Food Fair, an international potluck, at their school. They would like to the faculty, students, and families of Budlong to come to the Financial Food Fair and join the discussion. There will be presenters from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission to talk about college scholarships for immigrants and undocumented students and college savings accounts. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about how to prepare for college financially and explore what resources are available to them.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Northside College Prep

5501 N. Kedzie Ave.

6:30-9:00 p.m.